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We specialize in sublimating fine art and personal photos onto various products such as mugs, Tee Shirts, Coasters and slate. Our goal is to provide a unique and personalized touch to everyday items, turning them into cherished keepsakes. Whether it's a favorite fine art, or a precious family photograph, we can transform your imagery into high-quality prints that will last a very long time. Our sublimation process ensures vibrant colors and sharp details, allowing the artwork to truly come to life on the chosen product. With our expertise and attention to detail, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver a final product that you will be proud to showcase or give as a thoughtful gift. Let us help you preserve your memories and create lasting mementos through our sublimation services.

Our Laser service allows us to engrave many types of substrate like, Wood, Acrylic, anodized aluminum, Mirrors, Glass etc.

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These are some of our Sublimation products

Sublimated Mugs, Coasters and Slate

Sublimated mugs and coasters are a fantastic way to add a personalized touch to your daily routine. These items are made using a unique printing technique that allows for vibrant and long-lasting designs. Whether you want to display your favorite photo, a meaningful quote, or a custom design, sublimated mugs and coasters offer endless possibilities. The process involves transferring the image onto a special coating on the mug or coaster using heat and pressure, ensuring that the design is permanently fused into the surface. This results in a durable product that can withstand regular use and frequent washing. With their eye-catching designs and durability, sublimated mugs and coasters are not only practical but also make great gifts for any occasion.

Aprons sublimated on %100 polyester

Some of our Laser Engraved/Cut Signs ...

Laser engraved and cut signs offer a sleek and modern way to showcase important information or add a personalized touch to any space. Using precise laser technology, these signs can be customized with intricate designs, logos, or text, ensuring a professional and polished finish. The laser's high level of accuracy allows for clean and sharp cuts, resulting in a flawless final product. Whether used for business signage, home decor, or event promotions, these signs are durable and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective investment. With their versatility and attention to detail, laser engraved and cut signs are sure to make a lasting impression and elevate any environment.

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Laser cutting of acrylic is a precise and efficient method that offers clean and polished edges. Acrylic, also known as PMMA, is a lightweight and durable material widely used in various industries, including signage, interior design, and automotive. The laser beam melts and vaporizes the acrylic, resulting in a smooth and accurate cut with minimal heat affected zones. This process allows for intricate and detailed designs to be cut with ease, creating intricate shapes and patterns.

Laser Cutting and, engraving of Acrylic

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